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Fill out a Contact Us Form or send me an email to We'll set up a time to talk about your student, including your observations, concerns, and hopes, and discuss whether Academic Coaching can address your needs!

Once I have a sense of the situation, I'll invite the student for a conversation and include a short explanations of what Academic Coaching is. We explore the student's perspective and discuss how  academic coaching can help and how they feel about working with a coach.

Student and Coach set weekly meeting times and start building routines and exploring learning strategies in the student's schoolwork. Coach and parent connect regularly to discuss progress and reset goals. The parent may engage in the Family Coaching Community 
and the student sees their relationship with learning unfold!

The Getting Started Process

We’ve got a process for that!
 We’re professional organizers after all!

Ok, let’s get specific.
What Does Coaching Cost?

We offer several different coaching opportunities to meet individual client needs. We’re happy to answer questions and help you identify the best fit for you!

Contact Us Form

Fill out a Contact Us form so we can set up a free consultation to discuss your student and your goals! 

Print the Onboarding Checklist so you know what information we’ll try to gather at the start of the year! You may even be able to start getting this together now!

Attend a StudyAmp Study Camp or set up a complementary workshop for you and your friends!


Contact Us Form



 Fill out the parent and/or student intake form!

Parent intake form

If you want to start now to get ready for coaching, here are a few things you can do!

for helping us so much. I really feel like [my student] had so many mountains to climb this year & I think StudyAmp's help has been the most valuable thing."

 - Abbie Boxman,
   Parent of a 7th grader

Thank you SO much...

in [my son's] promptness turning in assignments, etc! I don't think we could've wished for better progress! StudyAmp is truly amazing, and I've told at least 3 others about it!" 
- Sarah Avink,
   Parent of an 8th grader

There's a marked difference

with how things are going. We knew that we needed someone that
could provide guidance to help our daughter think through and come up with strategies for dealing with the inherent challenges associated with this transition [...] It’s been a very positive experience for each of us to have someone else to talk to, offer experienced advice, and help set up our daughter for success.”

- Ginnie Jutson,
   Parent of a College Student

We are very pleased

with organization, motivation and concentration. Liz sought to understand the issues my son faced and tailored the way she worked with him. She was an advocate for him by involving us, his teachers and counselor to understand his struggles and how best we can help him. [...] Regardless of where your child is with their education, Liz will take the time to identify their weakness, work on their strengths, provide them new learning tools/skills, and advocate for their growth.”

-Steffany and Stephen Gaffagan,     Parents of High School Students

My oldest son struggled

Liz has taught me in a way that is easy for me to understand, retain, and replicate. I have particularly enjoyed an atmosphere of mutual respect as I’ve worked with Liz, as well as her endless patience and tactfulness."

-Jenn Stevenson,
 Academic Coach In-Training

An expert at her craft!

to help clients take control of their academic lives by learning the everyday skills of staying organized and developing good routines."

-Caroline Kline,
Academic Coach In-Training

StudyAmp teaches practical tools

Resources for you!

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Coming soon to StudyAmp!


What Coaching is, and isn’t.


Let’s start the school year off smoothly by making sure your student has all of the information and items they need to begin coaching!


Sure, you’ve heard of “Executive Functions”, but what are they? Check out our free printable that lists several Executive Functions.