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The end of summer break is drawing nearer, and Onboarding Meetings are almost back in full swing! I’ve included the Onboarding Materials Checklist below for your convenience. If you would like to print the checklist, you can do so at this link!

I’ll be conducting Onboarding Meetings during the whole month of August this year.  Plan to set aside 2 hours for Onboarding to take place. 

 If you are not able to set up an Onboarding meeting, then the student and I will attend to the Onboarding tasks during regular coaching meetings, and I will devote 2 hours of time outside of coaching to set up systems and conduct syllabus reviews for your Student so the time is not lost.  

Onboarding meetings are best scheduled Monday through Thursday during time slots of 8-10am PST or 10am-12pm PST.  Let me know if you have a few sweet spot times you’d like to schedule for Onboarding so I can reserve one for you now!  

(Saturday appointments may be an option depending on the Saturday – I have two kids to drop off at college this year!)

Onboarding Materials Checklist

We can get started building systems quickly if the student attends Onboarding with this information ready to go!  Please help your Student to locate this information, collect it, and share it with your Coach.  The information that you cannot find before Onboarding will be sought out during and after Onboarding.

  • Student Docs
    • Diagnosis
    • IEP / 504
    • List of Accommodations
  • Key Information
    • URL’s, Usernames, & Passwords for:
      • Assignments Portal
      • Grades Portal
      • Online Curricula
      • Class Websites
      • Online Textbooks
      • Online Tools (like quizlet &
    • Schedules 
      • Class schedule
      • Bell schedule
      • District calendar (usually a one-page .pdf)
      • Sports and activities schedules (practice AND events)
      • Currently scheduled medical/dental/other appointments
      • Dates of planned family travel
      • Link to any online family calendar if you have one
      • List of any other time commitments coming up this year
      • Syllabi for this year’s classes
  • Snapshots (on student’s phone)
    • Study Spaces
    • Binders
    • Backpack (open)


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