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Academic Coaching is, at its core, the art of helping students apply executive functions to academics.  By doing so, Coaches help students to manage their day-to-day demands, help them do better in school, and model new ways of thinking about problems.  

We help them identify and use the resources they have and to get the resources they don’t have.  We anticipate resistance and figure out paths forward.  We manage student and parent emotions as they feel overwhelm and anxiety about the future.  We keep a lot of records so everyone can see what we’ve done and where we’re going.  And most importantly perhaps, we identify and celebrate tiny victories.  

It is an enormous privilege to be part of students’ lives at this level!
Check out our list of 16 Executive Functions below, or print it out for yourself here!


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StudyAmp Academic Coaches help students to manage logistics, learn and apply brain-friendly study strategies, and get what they need to get what they want out of school and life.

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