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Your student is smart and talented, and that isn't reflected in school performance. Or your kid is a good performer but also constantly stressed and overwhelmed. Or you want to stop harassing your kid about school and just enjoy them again. Or you can see school is different now and you're not sure how to support your Student. Regardless of what is happening, let's explore whether Academic Coaching can help!

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Academic Coaching can help you get done the stuff you have to do already. Your brain has rules, and we can use them to make school a better experience. We work together to keep on top of assignments and schedules, manage your papers and portals, and prepare for tests effectively in the least amount of time. Let's hack school - and have a life too!

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For Therapists, Counselors, Teachers, etc

Academic Coaching can help a Student's adult learning team. We can consult to identify opportunities to support students, maintain open channels on progress, and help students make the most of the resources and support systems around them. Academic coaches can monitor progress, help build routines, and re-enforce the direction of a Student's learning team members.

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Academic Coaching Outcomes

Acdemic Coaches help students to identify learning obstacles, iteratively adjust habits, and navigate the difficult territory between beginning and mastery. Students who learn how to learn are equipped to succeed in academics, advance in future careers, and translate big dreams into action plans.

  • Reduce Frustration and Overwhelm

  • Adapt to Change

  • Learn and Remember More

  • Reduce Family Stress

  • Improve Grades

  • Find Balance and Control

  • Achieve Master Goals

  • Confront the Unknown with Confidence

Ok, How Do You Do It?

Academic Coaching Packages

Academic Coaching is very personal and customized to a student's needs.

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Academic Coaching is transformative. Tiny, ongoing efforts lead to big results. We build in touchpoints throughout the year for students and parents to keep momentum!

Don't spend another day feeling frustrated at school, tired of the struggles and fights at home, or feeling helpless to support your Student.


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How Do I Get Started?

Parent and Coach Connect

Fill out a Contact Us Form or send me an email to We'll set up a time to talk about your student, including, your observations, concerns, and hopes, and discuss whether Academic Coaching can address your needs!

Student and Coach Connect

Once I have a sense of the situation, I'll invite the student for a conversation and include a short explanations of what Academic Coaching is. We explore the student's perspective and discuss how academic coaching can help and how they feel about working with a coach.

Formal Coaching

Student and Coach set weekly meeting times and start building routines and exploring learning strategies in the student's schoolwork. Coach and parent connect regularly to discuss progress and reset goals. The parent may engage in the Family Coaching Community and the student sees their relationship with learning unfold!

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