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What is academic coaching?

In Academic Coaching, A Coach works directly with a Student to get organized, run great learning routines, and leverage the resources available to them at home and at school.

Coaches may engage with teachers, tutors, therapists, and other adults in a Student's learning orbit as needed.

Coaches and Students also work together to create and use great study tools for test prep and memory building.

As the Academic Coach models these actions and invites the Student to participate, the student ultimately progresses toward independent management of their own lives and learning.


Reduce frustration & overwhelm
Learn & remember more
Improve grades
Adapt to change
Find balance & control
Achieve master goals
Reduce family stress
Confront the unknown with confidence 

coaching outcomes

Our tried & true Academic Coaching process can help students to…

Your student is smart and talented, and that isn't 
reflected in school performance. Or your kid is a 
good performer but also constantly stressed and overwhelmed. Or you want to stop harassing your kid about school and just enjoy them again. Or you can see school is different now and you're not sure how to support your Student. Regardless of what is happening, let's explore whether Academic Coaching can help!


Academic Coaching can help you get done the stuff you have to do already. Your brain has rules, and we can use them to make school a better experience. 
We work together to keep on top of assignments 
and schedules, manage your papers and portals, 
and prepare for tests effectively in the least amount of time. Let's hack school - and have a life too!


Academic Coaching can help a Student's 
adult learning team. We can consult to identify 
opportunities to support students, maintain open 
channels on progress, and help students make 
the most of the resources and support systems around them. Academic coaches can monitor progress, help build routines,  and reinforce the direction of a Student's learning team members.

For Therapists, Counselors, Teachers, etc.



How does coaching work?


We collect and collate a lot of information and the coach is connected to the student’s learning teams. 

3– Build the Roadmap

Once we’ve processed info from the start of the year, and we have observed the teachers a bit, we can piece together our routines for managing the day to day business of school.

2– Syllabi, Tasks, and Early Days

In the early days we prioritize monitoring homework and tasks so the student always knows what to do for class. We spend our other time making early information useful, such as schedules, syllabi, and portals and class resources

8– Deep Dives

Students may have a primary barrier or interest around which they want some guided support. The Deep Dive may include something very specific to the student. Whatever it is a student wants to explore in depth, we can problem solve our way through it together

4– Analyze Classes

Once we’re set up and running the day to day, we dig deep into the student’s top 1-3 classes to identify specific success strategies.

5– Analyze Tests

By the time we’ve identified success strategies for classes, we need to focus on test prep so we know how to leverage the day to day classroom experience into building strong memory for assessments. 

6– Analyze Papers & Projects

While coaching is not tutoring, we can work together to break projects down into doable small steps spread over time, avoid the last-minute rush, and ensure there are time and resources for great editing and polish.

7– Study Skills and Proactive Learning

Brain-friendly learning principles are spread throughout coaching as learning bites that explain why we do what we do and how we do it. Once we’ve actively applied these principles together during the year, we pause to solidify understanding and reflect on how how what we have done has impacted student learning. Focusing on theory introduces the student to the opportunity to apply it in existing and new situations to proactively manage their learning and transition from coach-lead management to student-lead learning.

Takeaways: Your student is in good hands! StudyAmp Academic Coaching follows a carefully devised pathway that both directs students forward along a defined sequence while also remaining flexible to meet the customized needs and pace of each Student. As education continues to quickly evolve each year, our coaches adapt and help students (and parents!) navigate learning in the modern age!

Sound awesome right? Let’s set up a chat to get a good thing going!


for helping us so much. I really feel like [my student] had so many mountains to climb this year & I think StudyAmp's help has been the most valuable thing."

 - Abbie Boxman,
   Parent of a 7th grader

Thank you SO much...

in [my son's] promptness turning in assignments, etc! I don't think we could've wished for better progress! StudyAmp is truly amazing, and I've told at least 3 others about it!" 
- Sarah Avink,
   Parent of an 8th grader

There's a marked difference

with how things are going. We knew that we needed someone that
could provide guidance to help our daughter think through and come up with strategies for dealing with the inherent challenges associated with this transition [...] It’s been a very positive experience for each of us to have someone else to talk to, offer experienced advice, and help set up our daughter for success.”

- Ginnie Jutson,
   Parent of a College Student

We are very pleased

with organization, motivation and concentration. Liz sought to understand the issues my son faced and tailored the way she worked with him. She was an advocate for him by involving us, his teachers and counselor to understand his struggles and how best we can help him. [...] Regardless of where your child is with their education, Liz will take the time to identify their weakness, work on their strengths, provide them new learning tools/skills, and advocate for their growth.”

-Steffany and Stephen Gaffagan,     Parents of High School Students

My oldest son struggled

Liz has taught me in a way that is easy for me to understand, retain, and replicate. I have particularly enjoyed an atmosphere of mutual respect as I’ve worked with Liz, as well as her endless patience and tactfulness."

-Jenn Stevenson,
 Academic Coach In-Training

An expert at her craft!

to help clients take control of their academic lives by learning the everyday skills of staying organized and developing good routines."

-Caroline Kline,
Academic Coach In-Training

StudyAmp teaches practical tools


This is where the change begins.

Take a deep breath and relax.

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What Coaching is, and isn’t.


Let’s start the school year off smoothly by making sure your student has all of the information and items they need to begin coaching!


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