StudyAmp Family Coaching Community

Parents need access to resources as much as Students do! StudyAmp Family Coaching Community offers Parents education in executive functions and study strategies on an introductory level and develops deep dive curriculum into these topics. Parents who become familiar with these concepts will share a common vocabulary with their Student and Coach, clarify their role in how best to support the Student, and even apply these strategies to family life and pursuing their own goals!

How the Community Works

The StudyAmp Family Coaching Community seeks to provide education, community, and guided support to parents and students. A new topic is introduced each week on Mondays. On Tuesdays, community members are invited to do a Tiny Task – something small that initiates personal action on the topic. Community Office Hours are available Wednesdays, and on Fridays community members are invited to report on their insights, tiny progress, and frustrations. Additional resources may be offered.

These tiny touchstones aim to help members take tiny steps to progress in their own executive functions and understanding of their Student. In the context of other Parents traveling the same path and making parallel tiny efforts, we can support each other and progress in ways we cannot accomplish alone! Come try, celebrate, cry, and learn with us!

Check out the calendar of Family Coaching Community Topics that are scheduled for the 2020/21 school year. Contact Us or email me at to join the StudyAmp Family Coaching Community!

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