One-to-One Coaching

StudyAmp Academic Coaching is structured to provide a mix of learning experiences to help students develop executive function skills, learn and apply study strategies, and manage life logistics.

How It Works

When we first start coaching, the Coach, Parents, and Student each choose an area of development to address during coaching, so there will three main areas of focus at any one time. The Coach also guides Students and Parents in negotiating how the Parents will best support the Student and which areas of development the Student will own under the Coach’s supervision.

Each week, the Coach and Student meet to do time and task management, check in on the three chosen areas of development, and learn study strategies that are enforced by directly using them on school work. The Coach remains in regular contact with Parents to update them on progress and ways they can support their Student. Areas of emphasis and parental roles can be revisited and updated over time.

Special Sessions

In addition to the weekly meetings, the Coach offers two special sessions each semester. In the fall, Coach and Student meet for a special Onboarding session, and later for a finals preparation planning session. After this session, the Student will have a concrete plan to prepare for those final tests at the end of the semester. In the spring, Coach and Student meet for a finals preparation planning session and later for a Summer planning session. The Student emerges from this last session with a concrete plan for how to best use the summer for summer work and other goals.

Other support structures are available to the student outside of one-to-one meetings. The student can attend weekly office hours on Mondays to increase access to the coach and to even meet other students. This is a great time to update coach on work for the week and to make a great weekly plan.

Ownership Week

The student is also invited to participate in Ownership Week, a week in the middle of fall and spring semesters where students commit to taking over an area of their lives unsupervised by the Coach. As the student gains skills and awareness of their own areas of development, Ownership Week provides the student an opportunity to really execute a plan and gain deeper insight into themselves – as well as prove to Coach and Parents that they are progressing. It’s also an opportunity for Parents and Student to renegotiate the parent’s role in supporting the Student and to identify new areas of emphasis as coaching proceeds.

Incremental, Customized Progress!

Academic Coaching is highly individualized, and, working together, Coach, Student, and Parents build in systems, awareness, and behaviors to ensure that individual needs are addressed and supported! Coaching requires effort on the part of the Coach and Student as we are dealing with emotions, behavior change, and the unique teenage brain – which is always under construction. There is nothing I enjoy more than empowering Students and Parents to take control of their lives around school, personal development, and long term goals! We can totally do this!

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