Learning Launch Workshops


Mark your calendars to attend the upcoming free Learning Launch workshops to help parents and students get a strong start to the school year!

The workshops will be held on Wednesdays in August from 1-2PM PST, which will also be the time during the school year that I will set aside for Family Coaching Community Hours.  Academic Coaching services help students to develop executive functions, manage life & school logistics, explore and apply study strategies based on learning theory, and generally get what they need to get what they want.  I have a limited number of slots to work with students one on one

To broaden access to the topical information I work on with students, this year I am launching the StudyAmp Family Coaching Community, which will be free this year!  The StudyAmp Family Coaching Community will provide resources and education to Parents and Guardians to help them actively build inspiring family learning environments that optimize student success.  You can come each week, or join online, to ask your burning questions, get regular face time with an academic coach, and learn how best to support your Student.  I aim to achieve these ends in an engaging, vulnerable, authentic community. 

Email me at liz@studyamp.com to get the link for the workshops. Let’s get the school year started off right!


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