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As an Academic Coach, I help students develop executive functions, manage life & school logistics, explore and apply brain-based study strategies, and generally get what they need to get what they want.

About Me

I am Liz Hammond, founder of Study Amp. I’m a learning nerd, perpetual student, and recovering perfectionist. I have lived around the US and across the world, experiencing many different education systems.

My Values

I believe in Empowerment – that anyone who unlocks themselves makes great things happen, and there is no greater honor in life than being part of that!

These days I’m living my dreams with my four kids, spouse, two dogs, and expanding family of students that I coach!

My Ivy League Days

I got great grades all through school and graduated from an Ivy League school, Cornell University. Sounds great?

Yes, but like many “great” students, I sometimes worked too hard and burned out, hit walls, and held myself back from challenges that I thought could threaten my success. I was effortful, successful, and had high capacity to learn, but I was also afraid of failure, not strategic, and didn’t understand how learning really works.

I wish I’d had an Academic Coach!

My Coaching Philosophy

School, career, and life are about adaptation, embracing challenge, welcoming the unknown. It’s important to develop confidence that you can take on anything that inspires you. There’s not just one script to follow if you know how to write your own life story.

Let me help you get unstuck, gain clarity, and open the door to the exciting adventure novel that is your life. Learning never stops: Life is Learning, so Study Like it Matters!


Santa Cruz, CA




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